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About Athena's Owl Healing and Creations

My story began in 2015 when I decided I wanted to create my own jewellery. At the time I was unemployed and I couldn't land a job for almost three years. During this period I became inspired to get into jewellery making and silver-smithing from my fascination in Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing, and the style of jewellery the women wore along with their beautiful costumes. While beginning research into basic jewellery making including the techniques involved as well as varieties, a friend of mine came home from an event; she had purchased a very pretty and simple macrame bracelet and from that point on I began learning how to create jewellery using the macrame techniques. I first began by experimenting with items that I had at home, gemstone chips and cording that I had purchased a few years earlier but never used. I found I quite liked how the play and design turned out including how unique it was, so I decided that this is a style that I will stick with. Then I began creating designs with round gemstone beads, loved the look and feel of these creations; and from that, Athena's Owl Healing and Creations was born!