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About Gemstone Crystal Designs

There is something so awe-inspiring about the natural beauty that comes out of the ground. The first time I successfully took a dull brown rock and cut and polished it back to reveal the gorgeous opal inside is a moment I won’t forget. It can be a messy process that often takes quite a while, yet to me it is such fun too. To do the whole process from start to finish, to see the colour emerge from within a stone and present it in a form to be worn is a very satisfying process. I like to keep many as natural as possible, and also specialise in Andamooka opal, a gemstone that is becoming more rare by the day and is totally unique and beautiful.

I began began selling gemstone jewellery over 13 years ago, starting with simple gemstone bead pendants, and graduating to natural crystals and gemstones. These were my first wire wraps, opals came later. I learned how to wire wrap with sterling and 14k gold filled wire to best present the beauty. I found the best thing to do was to let the gemstone itself dictate the direction the wire would take. This had some really unusual results and each and every one seems to end up as I feel the stone is happy with. I particularly like raw crystals, such as points and rough gemstones and minerals, sometimes combining them. I work with the gemstones I have collected from all over the world, the ones that speak to me.

I have no set process to what I do, each gemstone is individual and unique, I hope you like them too.