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About Corona Fashion Sydney

“Necessity is the mother of invention” and Corona Fashion has risen to the challenge of developing fun, funky, functional fashionable accessories that address the new needs of life during the Coronavirus pandemic.

I am the mother of a young adult with disabilities living in a care home and the daughter of parents with health issues. Unable to purchase medical masks for my son’s care workers and my parents, I investigated the effectiveness of fabric face masks. To my surprise a handmade mask could be up to 70% effective (source: https://smartairfilters.com/en/blog/best-materials-make-diy-face-mask-virus/)! Not as effective as single use surgical masks - but these can only be used once, are approximately 0% available to the general public and those stocks should be going to staff providing our essential services. The fabric Corona Mask can be washed and worn again and is a physical reminder not to touch our nose and mouth.

We can all use something to brighten our day just now, so I chose to make the Corona Mask from fun fabrics. After presenting my parents with their Corona Mask they asked for masks for their friends and suggested selling online “Start a bartering system to keep you in toilet paper”. The rest is history, orders started coming in, and my home cottage ‘sweat shop’ was born.

Faced with the mortifying notion that getting my ‘roots done’ and hair cut regularly was contrary to mandatory Social Distancing, I also came up with the Corona Band. A wide headband designed to keep our unruly hair tamed and discoloured roots hidden.

I sell Corona Fashions at a little over production cost to replace the income I earnt driving ride share - a job I could not continue as well as protect my son and parent’s health.

Stay tuned for new fun Corona Fashion Accessories to help brighten up our days while we fight the Coronavirus.