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About Go Baggin’ In Style

Welcome everyone.
My name is Trish, and I’m a “fabricolic” (PHEW! Glad that confession is out of the way. They say the first time in front of a group is always the worst.)
I’m a country lass from North West Tasmania, Australia. I love and enjoy the country life, and when I’m not dabbling in the sewing room, I am chief milker and calf rearer on our family dairy farm.
I have a love-love relationship with novelty fabric and some of my “collection” (LOL) stems over 12 years old. I have an advanced diploma in fussy cutting (HA HA), and with spend (literally too long) a time in picking out co-ordinates for a project. So many of my creations with have a theme and appeal to people’s personal love/interests. (Mine is german shepherd dogs, such a beautiful and classy animal)
My 85 year “young” mother has spent years doing fine cross stitch and embroidery, so any hand sewing on my projects is passed over to her to do. So you will also see some of her creations popping up in amongst my listings.
So, please browse and enjoy, and maybe find something for yourself or a friend, and consider multi buying to save on postage.