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About Soaper Powers

Hi My name is Deborah.
I Hand-make Soaper Powers soaps using the Hot Process method and curing for 4 weeks.
Soaper Powers was created as it is important that what we put onto our bodies is as natural as what we put into our bodies. So much talk about the benefits of super foods we should consume for our insides theses days. What we put on the outside is also important as it is absorbed by our skin . All Soaper Powers ingredients are beneficial to the skin and have an actual purpose rather than to create a masterpiece. It is soap that will do its job and eventually wash down the drain. SP Soaps look Earthy and Rustic because they are 100% Natural with ingredients from the earth. I have had many concerns over the years with my children reacting to products due to colours and perfumes that are not natural or good for sensitive skin. SP are 100% all natural and Vegan. We do not use any animal products , we do not use any Palm oil and do not use anything synthetic . I try to be environmentally friendly as best I can . .
Natural products can still cause allergies so please check the ingredients and discontinue use if you have a reaction.
Thanks for reading x Deb