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About Roni & Poly

I'm Roni, a Sydney based, sassy Aussie South American gal! In between my mum life, day job, and study (!) I make vibrant and fresh polymer clay jewellery. My jewellery is all about helping you feel good about you, because Lord knows life is stressful and we hate on ourselves way too much!

I take inspiration from nature, the humdrum of daily life, retro designs and my Spanish and South American heritage.

Me, myself and I are behind every part of the Roni and Poly design and making process. I design and make all my jewellery at home. I take great pleasure in creating!

Enjoy having a browse at my store, I am delighted for the opportunity to show off my wares ! I hope you join in on the happy clappy jewellery wearing extravaganza! Your little lobes will thank you!


Given that Roni and Poly earrings are made from polymer clay and resin, when I make, it's my intention for the jewellery to serve fashion savvy customers well for many years to come. If/when you've had enough, you can re-gift to a pal rather than throwing them out.

As the girl boss of Roni and Poly, a fierce fashion lover, fellow citizen of planet earth and a committed Christian, it is important to me to run my handmade business in a sustainable and ethical way. I am continuously working on how I can improve.

1.There are no plastics in my packaging. I use recycled cardboard and paper. Even my sticky tape is compostable!

2. The mailer bags I use are compostable.

3. The mail carrier I use is carbon neutral.

4. There are no disposable plastics in the making process.

5. Small amounts of clay are used in my jewellery making and it gets all used up including offcuts!

6. Jewellery pieces that don't make the cut are repurposed in new designs.

7. Instead of regular glitter, I use Bioglitter. It is biodegradable and not considered a microplastic like regular glitter.

8. I use ethically sourced Mica powders.

9. My equipment is made of biodegradable plastic.

10. I source my materials and jewelIery making gear from Aussie stockists and businesses.