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Store Policies

In the unlikely event that there is an issue with the jewellery itself, happy to exchange, replace or refund. Please contact me on roni.and.poly@gmail.com.

There are no exchanges or refunds for change of mind.

Please note that as all the pieces are all handmade by me, they will have little idiosyncrasies, which adds to their character and handmade charm.

Some of my jewellery contains dried flowers which are primarily sourced from my personal garden or gardens belonging to my family (thanks mum!). Some flowers are sourced from bush land surrounding my home. I make sure I am ethical in this process- collecting very small amounts, making my best effort to avoid damaging flora and fauna, and avoiding collecting flowers from prohibited/endangered areas.

Some of my jewellery contains glitter. While I currently use the environmentally friendly, Bioglitter, a small amount of older pieces may have regular glitter. Jewellery made using Bioglitter has been labelled as such.

I would absolutely love it if you left a review on my Madeit store, FB or insta (@roniandpoly & @roni.and.poly)! Please be mindful if you have an issue to contact me directly. I am a tiny Aussie handmade business and word of mouth can make or break in this biz!