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About Valley Holistic Wellness

Our Beautiful Candles and Essential Oils are designed to embody the Spirits of the Four Elements - Earth, Air, Water and Fire.
These four are the pillar of everything we are surrounded by and everything we carry within. Each Element has three Zodiac signs that it corresponds with. Knowing these can help us understand ourselves better plus give us patience for those that are different from us, and make it clearer why some signs are more compatible than others.
All products are home made with love in the Yarra Valley from naturally sourced ingredients as we believe nothing beats Mother Earth.
We have taken care to ensure these candles smell the strongest they can but please note that Essential oils are much more subtle in their scent strength, however they offer health and healing benefits that fragrance oils do not.
We use natural Soy Wax and Cotton wicks to further avoid any chemical nasties.

We can be found on Instagram and Facebook and love being tagged in posts and seeing our products in their new homes.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do and would love to hear about our customers positive experiences and feedback.

Enjoy shopping :-)