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About Buff Plus

I am retired and live on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Queensland and am the carer for my veteran husband. We live opposite one of the two Buffalo dairies in Queensland hence my buffalo milk soap products.
The buffalo milk is such a rich beautiful product and after lots of trial and error have developed the most moisturizing lush rich soap. I have clients who have never been able to use soap before due to sensitivity, allergies, skin issues who love it.
To cut out on plastics I also have made a hair shampoo bar with Rosemary and Clary Sage essential Oil, and a hair conditioning bar. You will be amazed at much longer these last and are great for travelling. Great for all hair types.
My Paine Gold evolved from making pain relief for my husband who suffers all arthritis's, has chronic pain from spinal degeneration and generally quite unwell even though on lots of pain medication which he hates taking. This balm gives him relief so he can get a decent sleep and function. I use it for headaches and helps me sleep. Having given it to relatives and friends it was so helpful I decided I had to share it with others.
My aroma rolls blends together my love of essential oils, study of aroma therapy and crystals. These are my grounding feel good elements.
Hopefully I am doing my bit to reduce waste and help the environment by keeping my packing and labelling to a minimum and also keep the cost of my product down. If your like me, I hate paying for something I'm just going to throw in the bin.
Some feedback from clients already.
Thank you Janet. Been thinking about you a lot lately. Your Paine Gold has turned out to be a "Miracle Cure" for all sorts of random things! I originally bought it for my Arthritic hands. Those same hands have had some strange dermatitis since I was a small child almost 60 years ago. Always cracked and bleeding. Feel like sandpaper. Looks like it too. With your cream they healed! Nothing on the planet from the dr, chemist, over the counter or herbal, has ever made a jot of difference to them. Now They Are Healed! Can't stop looking at them. I always wore gloves because they were hideous and painful. Now I can hand over money when shopping without being ashamed of them.
My husband is immune compromised due to a drug trial he's on. Everything gets infected and needs antibiotics to treat it. 2 weeks ago he got barbed wire cuts and the cat scratched him. Everything went red and swollen in a few hours. That night, I gave him some of your cream. He was heading for GP in the morning. Next day, redness gone! Cancelled the appointment. Such a great product. We'll be ordering again soon.