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About Imagineorioum

To create where inspiration guides me... to express not impress-
a one woman show behind the scenes, done with heart , with joy, and the simpleness of expression.
In a one paragraph (or more) I love to inspire wonder, to help people believe in the magic of the universe again and to live their life in a loving way, filled with the wonder of a child.
IT seems so cool to be cynical and harsh, that being competitive and winning are what makes yo a better person and therefore happier, but look at the people who believe this? Do they ever leave the "race"?
Imagine being in a world where everything we did we did with love, our hearts were filled with joy, we were open and honest and cared less about winning and more about being present?
Imagine if everyone learnt to be that child again filled with wonder, no need to impress, just content with a continual awe at the magic of their surrounding world.
You can't make people see it, only inspire them through your life, your actions, thoughts, feelings, your presence, magic filled eye of wonder.
That's what I try and pass on...

In summary, it's wonderfully fun, offering items that will hopefully bring many smiles to someones day, having the opportunity to allow all the wonderful inspiration from the universe to flow through me, some work, some not (yet) and most of all...how amazing and thankful to create, play, share in my little space in the world and hopefully inspire a little more wonder, joy and love into your world.... <3