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About Wood Envy Australia

My story

My passion for wood work started when I was child, I remember Getting a piece of wood from my dad’s shed and finding the hammer and nails in his tool box. With much determination I hammered away for hours on end I must of drove mum and dad crazy with all the banging, hit, miss sparks flying from hitting the edge of the nail and bending it. I was never strong enough to pull the nails out, that piece of wood had hundreds of nails in it, but I kept practicing driving in those nails, My parents must of been relieved to hear the end of banging.

I then start Building projects like, letter boxes, bird aviary’s and coffee tables, cutting boards, Coffee cup tree’s for money. My mum still has my very first cutting board, and coffee cup tree that I made for her she must have been proud of me as all the banging paid off and, could see I had the love for wood working. My love for working with wood has grown from cabinet making, building kitchens to building bathrooms and any in between needing cabinetry, I have also completed my plumbing apprenticeship after many years in the trade I have decided to find that spark that I love called Wood envy.

I will bring a you whole new level of wood working with use of resins, furniture restoration, timber river vanity tops and tables, and kitchen and vanity bench tops that you won’t believe it’s not stone. With my high quality of workmanship, you won’t be able to go past Wood envy by Jeffrey Brown yes my logo has my name it, That’s because I have the love and the passion for Wood Envy and you will get wood envy fever too.