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About Trendensia

Our products are completely handmade in Australia using the finest ingredients, derived from nature. They are therefore 100% natural, SLS free, palm oil free, and are not tested on animals.

We only use the purest of essential oils, clay, and exfoliants that are beneficial for the skin, with no chemicals, harmful ingredients, and artificial colors or fragrances.

We care about the environment and try to adhere to sustainable practices. Our materials are sourced from organic suppliers and we recycle what we can. Our shipment packaging materials are reused and our labels, sacks and other packaging materials are for the most part made from recycled paper.

If you receive a package that contains plastic packing material, please note that it was not purchased. We save all packing material we receive from others and reuses it in yours. This way, usable/non-biodegradable packing material is not simply tossed into the bin to end up in the landfill or in the ocean. But instead, is used again and again! Also, you are not charged for this packing material!