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About Ebb and Flow Glassworks

Well hello there, welcome to Ebb and Flow Glassworks!
Each piece you find in store has been imagined, drafted, drawn and handcrafted by me, Kel - formerly the crystal jewellery making creative behind Esse Lux.

Glass is a beautiful, slow and methodical artistic medium that perfectly balances and harmonises my own crazy, fast-paced and chaotic nature. Many, many hours go into each and every piece I create; drawing my designs, creating patterns from my drawings, choosing and cutting my glass, grinding, copper foiling, soldering, patination, waxing and finishing and a few more steps in between. A true labour of love.

My work is colourful, unique and fun with most pieces being one off creations however there are always exceptions to the rule!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you love looking at my glass creations as much as I do!

Much love,