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About Redress

1 less garment in landfill
1 less contribution to sweatshops
1 more worker fairly paid
1 more active vote for quality and fairness

...making a difference--1 dress at a time.

To "redress" means to put right, rectify or make amends for a wrong or injustice done. In this case my little shop is helping to redress the ills of the fast fashion industry which is one of the biggest environmental pollutants we have and a huge contributor to the poor work and pay conditions for so many in the sweatshop fuelled industries which produce poorly made, cheap clothing that isn't good for anyone. At Redress it is just me, Lindsey, a working mum efficiently using my "in-between" moments to do something that counts.

I love the challenge of "treasure hunting" on the weekends for unwanted garments and linens to make into high quality boutique creations. I don't buy any of my materials (except for thread, I do purchase that new!) but use only what I can salvage from what is truly unwanted. Sometimes I get lucky and the material is new but simply surplus or off-cuts but usually it comes from a stained or in some way broken garment or sadly from one which really should never have been cast off in the first place.

After bringing the materials home to wash and line dry I love the challenge of finding a way to cut them into the pieces for sewing into unique, classy dresses that will be passed down for countless memories. The dresses here are unique and lovingly handmade with a classy vintage style. If you have a special garment of yours or a loved one's which you would like to see made into a dress for a dear little girl ask me! It would give me great pleasure to see what we can figure out.

Thanks for joining me at Redress where we can make a difference--one dress at a time.

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