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About Ceramics By Carol

I started her artistic career in the mid 70’s with a focus on painting and printmaking. After discovering clay in my final College year I fell in love with the numerous mediums and processes involved in making objects to be held, admired and used. This love affair with clay has sustained me for the past 45 years, and has led me to experiment with many different areas of ceramic technique, from highly decorative lustre work to my most recent pieces, which have an emphasis on the texture and finish of the raw material.
A substantial part of my practice evolves around production of a variety of Gift Ranges. This interest in Artist Made Gifts resulted in my receiving the Memento Award in 2003 and the Queensland Aspects Award in 2006, both for excellence in hand made destination gifts. My products have been selected as part of the g’Day Australia Memento Collection presented to guests in New York in 2009 and to delegates at a Master Chef Convention in Brisbane.
I sometimes get distracted and dabble in 2D media but I always return to clay. I love the medium and the processes involved in all aspects of ceramics. For me the process is equally as satisfying as the finished product. Experimenting and learning new techniques, seeing what I can do with clay is always exciting for me.
After moving from Brisbane to The Sunshine Coast 27 years ago, my Ceramic practice has been mainly inspired by the coastal and rural landscapes of this area. Both my sculptural and functional pieces have been exhibited widely and form part of both National and International art collections. Each piece is individually handmade using both hand building and wheel throwing techniques.