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Store Policies

Payment methods: PayPal/bank deposit
Payment always with additional postage payment required unless during a promotion period that specifies “free postage”
All sales are final and once order is placed it may not be changed due to the personalised nature of the products so please enter all details with care and double check they are correct.

Please include your child’s name, state and bonus illustration item (chosen from the list below) in the information to seller when ordering the personalised learn to write your name pack. Books will not be made without this information!!!

BONUS ILLUSTRATION TEM LIST- Please choose one that your child is interested in.
Airplane Apple
Banana basketball bone
Cat cow cupcake
Dinosaur dog donut
Egg elephant
Fairy fish
Glasses grapes
Helicopter house
Ice cream
Kite koala
Ladybug lion lollipops
Monkey moon mouse
Necklace net
Octopus owl
Penguin pig
Rainbow robot
Seal sun
Tiger tree turtle
Umbrella unicorn
Vegetables volcano
Watermelon web
X-ray xylophone
Yarn yo-yo
Zebra zipper

Please thoroughly check your information provided is correct as once order is placed it may not be altered or changed.
*please note for Queensland customers the font will be QLD cursive print unless stated otherwise.
Due to the handmade and personalised nature of the pack all orders require 5-10 business days to make then send (this may be longer during peak times).
Please enquire if you require order sooner prior to ordering to save disappointment as although every effort will be made to accomodate in these times it is not always achievable and it’s best to find out before placing an order.
Please note that no tracking number will be given if you select standard post. No replacement for lost or stolen orders will be given if you select standard post -no tracking. By making a purchase you understand agree to these terms.