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About broken.china.reinvented

Collateral damage came hand in hand with my hobby of buying and selling vintage Fine Bone English china. Broken pieces were saved with the expectation they would be useful for ‘something, someday’.

'Something, someday' is right now - the broken china has been transformed into wearable jewellery. No two pieces are the same. Each piece has been crafted by hand (not by machine), carefully cutting, shaping and smoothing sharp edges.

Some items are simply single pieces, others comprise two or more pieces joined together using a modern Kintsugi technique. Kintsugi (golden joinery) is the unique and ancient Japanese art of repairing broken china.

Maker, pattern and era (when known) will be included in the description of each item. Often the manufacturer does not exist anymore, or if they do, the pattern may be discontinued. Bone china pieces from English potters such as Shelley, Aynsley, Tuscan, Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Coalport, Royal Albert, Royal Worcester, Royal Stafford and Gladstone, to name a few, are transformed into jewellery. All china pieces are pre-loved and date from the early 1900's. Some light usage wear is to be expected, but any obvious imperfections will be noted in the description.

Many patterns you may recognise from your Gran's china cabinet.

Care of Re-invented China Jewellery
Please treat the re-invented china jewellery the same way you would treat your best china cup. If accidently dropped onto a hard surface or stood on, it is likely to break/crack. Best not to wear while swimming or showering. Bails and tie tacks (brooches) are glued with strong bonding adhesives.