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About Sierra Rose

About our Creations

Every single S.R. apron is hand drawn and carefully selected starting from designing the material pattern through to the shape and style of the product. This makes our brand totally unique and exclusive.

An entire year has been spent designing and researching to find the highest quality cotton for our products. Cotton is a natural fibre and as a suffer of Eczema I found it was beneficial to produce a product that is Hypo-allergenic. We primarily use Cotton drill and Cotton duck on our aprons, as we wanted a long lasting durable product that would also be comfortable to wear and would breath.

We have high quality Designer Aprons that are smart, fun, flirty, cute, creative and have a vintage feminine retro feel. We have a large range of vibrant exciting patterns and styles to choose from. We create hostess aprons, sweetheart necklines, vintage aprons to frilly hems and big skirt aprons. All our aprons have extra long ties at the neck and waist ensuring the perfect adjustable fit. Our aprons are not just designed to look gorgeous from the front they look equally elegant from the back with bows tied at the neck and waist. Our apron designs cater for Women, Children and Men.

Sierra Rose Aprons are created in the sunshine on the Beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. Our Gold Coast local saying is "Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next". Our studio is the perfect spot to create bright fun loving designs that come from our heart to yours.

Thanks for reading and caring about our journey.

Happy Cooking and Happy Living!