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About Making Trouble

Turning my dream of handmade into reality

Welcome to Making Trouble, my little slice of handmade life.

I started my creative journey on Etsy in October 2019, after taking a sabbatical from life in the corporate world. I have always dreamt of doing something more creative with my life, and at 47 thought it was time to get started - and Making Trouble was born.

I sew all items myself, on my much loved Bernina sewing machine, in my little sunny apartment in the sky. I live in Port Melbourne, and work with my black labrador Polly by my side (or as is often the case, resting her head on the sewing machine treadle foot to give me a little scare)!

I don't yet have concrete plans for Making Trouble, just to make pretty things that I hope other people will want for themselves, and to enjoy each day of my journey.

Love Theresa and Polly xxx