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About Designs by Priyanka

My art journey began about 2 years back sitting idle in my tiny two bedroom apartment on one of the weekends. While browsing Instagram and scrolling through endless posts, calligraphy caught my attention and I was inspired by the beauty of calligraphy does to even a single word and started trying le ttering with a sharpie pen. Later on, I purchased some cheap brush pens from Ebay and started practicing for hours, watching YouTube videos and downloading basic calligraphy practice sheets. The beautiful colours and the flexibility of working with Watercolours attracted me and I began to integrate watercolour floral with my calligraphy and began using the nib pen along with brush pens. Watercolour complemented calligraphy so well, the watercolour wet-to-wet or dry-on-wet techniques is mesmerizing to work with. I had the urge to create an art piece even on busy days even if it's that 'quick 15 mins impromptu' or rushing to finish house chores to make an artwork spending about 2-3 hours on it.
Flora, botanical art, line drawing and watercolour splashes has been bringing so much joy and happiness to me. Calligraphy is a slow process requiring patience, and attention with each pen strokes, hence it has taught me to slow down, take deep breathes, imagine the end result of an artwork I want to produce before slowly gliding nib pen on paper.
Recently, I have been painting with new mediums- Alcohol Inks and Resin art. I found Alcohol inks the best medium for abstract artworks. The great quality of abstract art is having very less control on the end result of an artwork.
I am looking forward to try more of an abstract art. If you would like to follow me through my journey of trying different mediums of art, find me on Instagram @designsbypriyanka.

All of my artworks are handmade infused with love, care and lots of thinking and planning,. Each of them are made with quality products and are unique in its own way.

I hope each art piece that you choose to take home will give you the same joy and happiness as it does to me while creating.