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About Anita's Place Handmade in WA

I have been crafting Wedding and Party orders for many years. My Items are all hand made with quality materials and time is taken to give everything I make a top professional finish. I am fussy and like my work finished properly.(No half baked rubbish coming from my store) Over the years I have had many custom orders and have made a huge variety of items of many different themes and styles to accommodate trends and personal preferences.
I really love my craft and I hope you do too.

Someone once said "Craft is not a hobby it's a way of life" And oh how this IS so true.

Some more info of how I arrived here -
I have been selling online for about the last 15 years with eBay Australia of which I have a high 100% rating of positive feedback with over 13,000 sales over that time. Unfortunately I am now closing my eBay store because eBay Australia is sadly no longer Australian. I was thrilled to hear about this beautiful site from a friend and love the fact that it is ALL Australian Craft and ALL Australian Artisans (Yay!!!) . It is wonderful to be with so many talented Australian Artisans of which I am so happy now to be a part of.
You can also check me out on my Facebook Page - Just Love Parties facebook.com.au