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About Norita Designs

I am the designer, maker, advertiser and packager of Norita Designs. I create pieces of wearable art for people who appreciate individuality and long lasting beauty. My inspiration comes from many sources: Nature, music and architecture. I love incorporating movement, colour and texture in my designs. My biggest thrill is to be able to translate your ideas and designs into something you will treasure for years to come.

Sometimes I sketch my designs and other times I go straight to the workbench and begin to transform the metal sheet or wire to compliment a gemstone or other material as the focal point. Some of my works can be simple and dainty, others complex and detailed. Whatever they are, I always strive for attention to detail and accuracy.

Metal, to me, is what paint, fabric or clay is to other artists. I love manipulating it and enjoy the process as much as the end results.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by 💕