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About Pure Pamper - Home Fragrance | Body Goodies

One Man Show

Hi there, I am Justin from Melbourne, who founded Pure Pamper. The name itself comes from an idea of providing my customers with quality products that can spoil themselves and bring enjoyment.

As I have great passion for handmade goodies and quality products, I decided to start a small business all on my own. Yes, this is a one man show Australian business from brainstorming, product making, bookkeeping, marketing and so on.​

My very first collection is handmade soaps. I love putting all my creativeness and imagination into designing a soap with special look. And definitely, all the soaps I make are of plant oils and vegan friendly.

My other key collection is making soy candles. Oh my, I always wanted to make my own candles and I can't believe I turn it into a business. Candle to me is to bring warmth, calm, amazement, relaxation and joy. The reason why I select pure soy wax is because soy wax delivers clean, natural and long-lasting burning experience.

All my collections are carefully selected. Browse through my product gallery and experience shopping with Pure Pamper for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, comments or suggestions. Thank you.

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