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About Jigsaw Puzzles Australia Personalised Puzzles

Established in 2008, Jigsaw Puzzles Australia is a family owned business run by Peter and Susan Begbie, specialising in personalised jigsaw puzzles for all occasions and age groups, and for any individual or corporation.
We create and manufacture puzzles from a single photo or multiple photos to make collage puzzles, using top quality materials and manufacturing processes.

Based in Ballarat, we individually make the puzzles from start to finish, and offer a collection option for customers.
We have a range of puzzle sizes available, from 30 to 1000 pieces. Other puzzle shapes include a heart shape (80 pieces) and a map of Australia shape (100 pieces).
We also manufacture bulk orders, a popular option for corporate puzzles. There is no minimum order quantity or limit on bulk orders.
Personalised jigsaw puzzles are an ideal tool for fundraising events and promotional purposes for a variety of organisations or businesses. For the individual, we manufacture puzzles for memorial purposes, celebrations, gifts and many more occasions.