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About KB Creations

I’ve always had an interest in personal self-care and other creative crafts and in recent times, looking more into personal health for longevity I’ve come across a key ingredient which strongly resonated with me the more I looked into it.

With a love of lotions, potions and DIY, my discovery of tallow and lard as a key ingredient for topical use, internal health and overall wellbeing was founded. The similarities of tallow to our natural skin composition is very close and it’s highly possible – it is as mother nature truly intended.

This somewhat now rare to purchase ingredient is my favourite for whole body care in many ways. Using tallow as a key ingredient in body care I believe works in harmony with nature in many ways. Such a product was used without question for generations and it is only in modern mass commercialisation that such a natural ingredient has been retracted from everyday use. Pleasingly, tallow is slowly regaining popularity and it may serve us well to respect its health supporting qualities and the source of where it comes from.

Looking after one’s own health is important and once you research a little, it is actually quite easy to do. A large part of looking after yourself is keeping life simple - such as what you purchase, what you consume, what you dispose of and what you need or don’t need – which all work in synergy and can be refined continuously over time.

Refining my purchases, the products I use, the food I consume and more, keeps my life simple and peaceful – even living in a busy city and working full time.


Paleo | Carnivore | Omnivore | Nose-To-Tail | Non Vegan