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KB Creations

KB Creations

Simple, natural, the way they used to make it.

Paleo | Carnivore | Omnivore | Nose-To-Tail

Simple, natural and the way they used to make soap which was and still can be sustainable, skin and earth friendly. Being a saturated fat soap – the soap hardens nicely and lasts longer when in use. The suds are soft and silky on the skin, gently cleansing without totally depleting the skin's natural protective oils.

Using these soaps myself, my skin isn’t left dry after use and I follow up with my own tallow balm moisturiser – my skin is happy, clear and always feels nice and deeply moisturised. I am confident this will have a long-term positive effect on my body and skin health.

I like to try different recipes in small batches with a variety of additional ingredient - so you may not see the same items listed consistently.

Whilst many are turning to the preference of plant based items, with all my personal reading into what humans evolved with on this planet, animal based products are what our human DNA has been used to working with, thriving on and has minimal negative impact to our skin, our cells, microbiome and more. Using animal based products is not foreign to human existence but rather respects the full use of resources without waste - even in modern times. I do ensure all my main ingredients are from regenerative sources and as local to me as possible.

You can follow me on Instagram #creations.bythebay