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About Toys of Wood


I'm Vivien, originated from Germany, where I became a master of product design and learned all about the guidelines and safety for toys for children in different ages. Since 2006 I call Australia my home. In 2009 I started my own business out of a niche in Sydney. I couldn’t find high quality wooden toys for my baby. So I decided to create them myself and worked with other designers in the Splinterworkshop. I designed as well manufactured wooden toys and still do. Visiting the mid-north coast and especially Coffs Harbour, I fell in love with the area and also met my partner for life.

Ever since I design and make wooden toys for children between 0-6 and small furniture in my workshop around my pigeon pair. Seeing my children growing up, they were mostly my inspiration for what they were interested in at their developing stage.

I love woodwork since I was a little girl of 3 years. My memory brings me back to my grandfather’s wood workshop, where I spent a lot of time smelling and playing with wood shaving and sometimes swinging in the second floor on the swing he made for us, his grandchildren. I enjoyed and loved watching him create things. I am the only family member who stepped in his footprints and followed my dreams of designing whatever comes to my mind.

Today I create; design and hand-make products from Australian non-treated timber, mostly locally grown, with emphasis on innovation and simplicity in design; inspired by nature and children’s needs. The interactive toys are timeless, natural, ergonomically & environmental-friendly for everyday use.

All toys are finished with a child safe Australian beeswax.

From custom designs to prototypes and product lines, I am able to create your toys for your little one.
I hope you and your children enjoy my handmade wooden toys as much as I enjoyed making them.

For local people on Lord Howe Island, I offer free delivery just use this code: Pickup2898 .

Follow @toysofwood on FB and IG, I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading my story :-)