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About ARivettingAffair

Something Different to Keep Me Out of Trouble. Grin.

I came to this craft by accident after purchasing an old but unused pillbox hat off marketplace here in Rockhampton. When I got home, I was intrigued as to how it was made and, wallah, I was hooked.
I have found that I love making and crafting the hats. They are so very stylish and I love wearing them and wish to share that with others. It is a simple way to dress up an outfit for a special occasion or just for every day wear. I wear my hats all the time, even just to go shopping, and I get lots of compliments.
Happily, it took me a few tries to find the best ways to finish the hats so they are lovely and as professionally finished as I can make them and so I have 8 hats plus my original buy in my closet and would love to keep all the ones I make…hehehehehe.
Another unforeseen result of all this is that I went looking for ways to make bows more than just tying laces. Now I am hooked on bows too. Once again it is hard to not keep every bow I make and so have to make some just for me to keep me from wearing the ones I have made to sell. Must be the little girl coming out in me but I have decided that even big girls can wear bows.
My family is a bit bamboozled as they seem to think I am just ‘having a new hobby’ but I’d really like to be able to share this passion.
I am afraid my housework has suffered…I am usually very houseproud…but I now have something that is grabbing my attention beyond being a good housewife. Also, my poor garden is having to grow along all by itself and my vege patch is a bit hit n miss at mo. I am going to have to learn to balance these things as I also love my gardening.