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About For Little Bugs

I started For Little Bugs when I needed a Christmas stocking for my daughters first Christmas. Realising on Christmas Eve (of course) that her socks would be way too small for all the stocking presents we got her I decided to make her one. I didn't really fancy any of the pattern shapes I found on the internet so made my own. Then had to make ones for the rest of the family because we liked them so much.

For Little Bugs was born, a range of handmade and designed items for the whole family to enjoy.

Now she's started walking, I wanted her to have fun and educational activities, that weren't on a screen of any sort, and encouraged her to explore the world around her and use her imagination.

Having a book and graphic design background (and remembering how much I loved activity books when I was a kid) I've started creating a range of books to be able to give to my daughter as she grows.