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About Mother Nature Skin Essentials

I am Nickie, the owner and creator of Mother Nature Skin Essentials. I'm a mum to three girls, a lover of nature, crystals, herbal healing the ocean and living a clean and holistic lifestlye! I have always been passionate about the natural health industry having completed studies in Nutrition, Fitness and Herbalism. I love learning all about plants, herbs, aromatherapy and the healing abilities they have to the mind, body and spirit.
I am based on the Sunshine Coast nestled within the beautiful hinterland. All products are handmade fresh, packaged and distributed by me in my home studio.



Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients, I take pride in the carefully selected ingredients included in our products.  The following criteria is strictly adhered to in the selection of ingredients:

– No Palm or Mineral oils

– No Synthetic preservatives
or artificial fragrances

–          Naturally derived

–          Has not been tested on animals or contain any animal derivatives

–          No chemicals were used in the processing

–          Contains no GMOs

–          Certified organic if possible

–          Locally sourced or ethically produced in indigenious area

As for the actual products themselves; I believe in keeping it simple.  This means including only what is absolutely necessary to ensure that the end result looks, smells and feels beautiful, will remain that way for the duration of its shelf life and most importantly will positively contribute to the health of your skin.

Essential oils are a key component of our skincare range.

Essential oils are extracted from plant material (flowers, leaves, twigs, bark or roots) through the process of distillation, which means that no chemicals are used in the processing.  The final product is a pure plant essence retaining a beautiful aroma and the therapeutic healing properties are delivered straight to your skin. We use only certified organic essential oils in our products.


I am passionate about the environment and believe there is nothing more important than working towards reducing our environmental impact by using minimal waste packaging that is reusable/recycable along with plant-based ingredients which reduce the washing of harmful chemicals/microbeads/pollutants into our waterways, rivers and oceans. Lets all do our part to make our planet better, for our future generations! 🌏


"I believe it is important as women and mothers that we take the time to nourish, nurture and recharge our mind, body and soul with healthy holistic skincare products which is why my range is suited to women and a small range for the bubs"

Nickie xx