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About Lady Lather's Handmade Soap

Gentle soap for sensitive skin - that's what I was searching for when I decided to start making soaps. All the fancy soaps and body washes that were soap free still left my skin dry and I couldn't understand why.

It turns out it was because I wasn't using REAL SOAP. Real soap contains a lot of natural glycerin from the saponification process. This is what helps to keep our skin hydrated throughout the day. This is something you don't find a big brand soaps.

Lady Lather's soap is great for sensitive skin because the soap retains all of it's glycerin. For the first time in years I haven't had dry skin throughout winter and it's all because I'm using these damn soaps.

My dad, mum, nana, grandma, and a lot of my friends have started using my products and they swear their skin feels better and less dry - the proof is in the pudding I suppose.

I love to create colourful, gentle soaps that smell yummo and skincare that is simple and cruelty free.

Hope you find be something you like!