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About Patissier Confiserie Cakes & Confectionery

At Patissier Confiserie Cake and Confectionery we are about bringing that old world flavour and Nostalgia that comes with Confectionery like that you had when you were a kid.
The Confectionery is all scratch made even the Candied Orange in the Sesame,Pistachio and Candied Orange Brittle.
Our focus is on good quality small batched made confectionery in order to keep the integrity of the Confectionery products consistent.
We do a range of Brittles, Marshmallows, Taffy and Lollipops and more.
The flavours of products sometimes change or new products added to keep up the Seasons.
All the confectionery is packaged into individual bags making ideal as gift or for you to indulge yourself.
We can also package the Confectionery into boxes for any occasion, and also can make custom confectionery to suit occasion, that being Wedding, Birthday, Baby Shower Corporate Present.