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About Angus & Audrey Bondi

Angus and Audrey was born when I surprised my wife Mel by painting a monogram on her well-loved beach basket. Not long after, her girlfriends asked for one and I've been striping and initialling baskets ever since!

Named for our grandparents, Angus and Audrey is a nod to previous eras when a bag was for life rather than a single trip to the supermarket. Our baskets are a very small part of the push for reusable goods and are the antithesis of mass produced, disposable goods. They are are hand woven in Morocco from Date Palm leaves, and then I carefully hand paint each bag individually. Each bag is a genuinely handmade product from start to finish- even the leather handles are hand sewn.

Perfect for the beach, markets and everything in between, an Angus & Audrey bag is forever, made individually, just for you.

Plus, what's more fun than having your initials front and centre?