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About Happiest Stitcher

I have always been attracted to anything Art and Craft.

My happy place resides in front of a sewing machine that I share with my mum in Perth, Western Australia. I first started sewing for pleasure turning my hand and mind to any type of sewing pattern or craft item I could get my hands on. Then I came across patterns for bags and found my new passion. As I have accumulated a lot of fabric that “I must just have” I thought it was about time that I shared my sewing and bag passion with other handmade enthusiasts alike, as there are only so many bags, I can use myself.

A little bit about myself the maker behind the bags. I’m a yoga loving, fur schnauzer baby raising, sewer who spends her weekdays working in retail and her weekends sewing and crafting alike.

This is my first attempt at creating an online shop to sell my creations and it has taken a lot of courage to put my items online for the world to see. I hope my creations are loved as much by you as they are by me.

My craft room is my haven, away from day to day life, it is where the creativity begins and sewing never ends...