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About Mad about Mish

Hiya! My name is Michelle and I am the owner/creator of Mad about Mish. Here’s a little snippet about how it started.

I have tried my hand at many creative projects over the years. Decoupage, folk art, crochet, cake making (which I still love to do) to name a few, but I always come back to sewing. I have been sewing for about 30 years and am self-taught. Up until mid-2018, I primarily made clothes and occasionally swimwear for myself and my daughters. Then, a close friend received a little handmade purse for her birthday, and I was intrigued as to how it was made. So, after much google searching (and a fair bit of swearing), I made two cute little kiss clasp frame purses as birthday presents for two of my girls. People were really surprised when they found out I made them and suggested I should make more and sell them! And so, Mad about Mish was born. To perfect them and work out the best materials to use, I gave my test purses as gifts. If you were female and had a birthday coming up, you knew what you were getting from me!! I entered the bag making world and now I’m hooked.

I cut my teeth making the little kiss clasp purses, learning about bag stabilizer, interfacing and hardware and now I have moved on to making handbags and wallets as well. I love the idea of creating 'little pretties' that are as individual as their owner and not mass produced. The fun thing about handmade items is that, generally, no two are identical.

I am hoping to gradually add new styles to my collection and continue learning new and more advanced bag making skills. I am very excited to start using different materials and funky looking handbag hardware. So, check back regularly!!

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find something cute for yourself or a loved one. If not, it would be my absolute pleasure to work with you to customise something you’ll love.


aka Mad about Mish