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About Kokedamas Entwined

Hi! My name is Megan and I am a nurse, wife and mum of 3.

Let me tell you a little about how kokedamas entwined came about...
...I have always been the creative type and somewhat of a forager too, even as a child. I was forever scouring my surroundings looking to find ‘special treasure’- a rock that somehow looked different to the others even if only because it was stained with years of soil or a feather that to me was perfect even though it might have seen a less than exotic life. In my eyes it was special and something to put away for safe keeping for a purpose that had yet to be decided.

Now, as an adult I still find myself with those same foraging instincts, be it a feather, gumnut or pinecone - it’s all still that same special treasure. The passion for creativity still exists too but buried deep under the weight of family responsibilities and a stressful career it rarely had time to shine. And so, whilst desperate to find a creative outlet and trying to pass time one hot Sunday afternoon I decided to try my hand at making a kokedama. I gathered my supplies and ‘borrowed’ a potted plant from my ever-obliging Mum and starting winding twine around handfuls of moss and soil to create a beautiful piece of living art that made me smile. I was hooked, I knew I had found my creative outlet that I had spent so many years searching for. More than that, this rather plain plant, now all wrapped in soft moss interwoven with twine, suddenly looked so special.

Handmade, not mass produced and with the uniqueness only nature can conjure...I knew it was something I had to share and so kokedamas entwined was born.