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About Dig the Flow Reusables

Hi! I'm Ann, the head honcho and self-taught maker behind DTF reusables. I started this hobby as I was deeply afflicted with postnatal depression following the birth of my LO, and didn't want to head down a medicated route. I alleviated my symptoms through purchasing reusables such as cloth nappies and pads for quite some time, until I realised that 1. I had more than enough for my and my LO's personal needs, 2. there are others who may not be comfortable with the idea of paying more to endorse the practice of continually buying brand new fabric and 3. Not every individual with a uterus is into feminine type prints that predominate the current market. After a lot of research, I've decided to fill in the current gaps and become another option for like-minded individuals. Unlike other makers, I focus on acquiring quality fabric through secondhand marketplaces to better utilise the abundance of fabric readily available and on mediating zero waste sewing practices (keeping scraps and repurposing into larger textiles/reusable kitchen sponges). This not only reduces the overall environmental impact of the handmade items, it increases the affordability of the products to others who may not have the budget to pay for brand new custom printed fabric. I believe that everyone deserves a functional work of art in your pants no matter the budget, and I love the functionality of exposed core pads and playing with crazy, quirky yet awesome fabric print combinations. I also love the process and volume of work that goes behind making each item, and document this as regularly as I can on my instagram to announce updates (@dtf_reusables).

I have mentioned I am self-taught and this hobby basically provides me with a greater sense of purpose and PND therapy. I am continually learning and will make mistakes, but any flaws are purely cosmetic and will not impact the functionality of the finished item. I have 2 very young LOs, so please understand that an ideal turnaround of 2-3 weeks on custom-made items may be delayed for personal reasons.