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Store Policies

Thanks for your interest in a cross stitch family portrait!

The process is follows:
- Please send me photos of the people (and pets) you would like stitched. It would be great if they include any favourite outfits or styles to help with the design.
- I will then send you a tentative quote, and ask you to clarify any further details. This usually includes height differences and features (eye colour, hair colour etc)
- Once we have finalised the details, I will send you a final quote and request an approx. of 25% deposit. I will then provide a mock up design.
- Once we have finalised the design, I will then start the stitch. Please note that you are welcome to three complementary amendments to the design. Any further changes will incur a redesign fee of $10.00 for each requested amendment. I do not charge for the original design, so the redesign fee is to account for the time it takes for me to amend the mock up

A starting price for a stitch is $60, calculated as follows:

· a base price for two adults is $40.
· white wooden frame: $20

The price then increases depending on whether you have children, pets or would like optional background decorations, and whether there is postage and handling involved

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions! My email is hello@squirrelstitches.com