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About RJ Collective

RJ Collective is a sustainable, Australian designed and handcrafted homewares label established in 2018 by photographer, stylist and designer Rikki-Jo.

Our products made with natural deluxe Belgian & organic linen are lovingly produced to reflect the natural beauty of our landscapes, following a timeless colour palette of neutrals with pops of seasonal colours.

At RJ Collective we are passionate about our Australian origins and the inspiration that brings to our designs. We bring a mindful approach, tapping into the natural soul of our sea and landscapes with focus, intention and commitment. We love that we can share our sustainable home decor range with you in your homes and lives.

We choose to use Flax a natural raw material making linen one of the most sustainable textiles on earth. The printing process does not require water and little wastage is produced minimising our environmental footprint.

The pigment inks are water based, solvent free and environmentally gentle.

Rikki-Jo’s photographic series is printed on fine art archival paper, carefully captured to show the true essence of Australian sea and landscapes with each image part of a narrative waiting to unfold in your home.