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About Beads For Eva

Welcome to Beads for Eva!
We (Lou and Mike) love that you are interested in reading more about our little Aussie business.

​Beads for Eva started in January 2016 out of a desire to return to creative roots, cast off the shackles of corporate life and create beautiful, original, high quality statement Jewellery. And doing regular Artisan Markets is a lovely way to spend a Sunday !

We source beautiful beads from all over the world. We have wonderful suppliers from the Czech Republic, Colorado and Michigan where we source genuine elements in glass, lava and many other materials to create the special story that is each piece. When the deliveries arrive, there’s a lot of oooing and ahhhing, then we get to work in Chatswood, Sydney, creating and handcrafting everything to bring you the perfect piece for that perfect outfit or occasion.
While I (Lou) do most of the design and handcrafting, I couldn’t do what I do without Mike. He does all the heavy lifting and couriering and gives the emotional support I need to bring these beautiful pieces to life. Mike’s a genius with displays. He designs and handcrafts all the beautiful wooden displays that house our jewellery at Markets, along with being a dab hand at lighting !
We also have our range of hand cast Eco resin jewellery. We hope you will love wearing them as much as we are loving making them. Mike’s gone a bit OTT on the new equipment (he has quite a tool fetish), which is great as he is doing the final sanding and polishing to make each product glossy and gorgeous.

We are passionate about keeping our environmental footprint small. We use only recycled and recyclable gift packaging and printed materials and aim for as little waste as possible produced from our production processes. Our gift boxes and bags are perfect for you to re-use for other things once you’ve got your lovely piece home.

So why the name Beads for Eva. We’d come up with “Beads for…” (good start I know). Then our little Tonkinese kitten jumped up on the table and a name was born (her name is Eva). Simple as that.

If you need something for a special event or a gift for a special person don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we can work with you to create something you’ll love.

Quality never goes out of style !
Lou and Mike