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About ConchyGemDolls

A little about the story of Conchy Gem Dolls...

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” CG Jung

This Jungian quote speaks volumes and echoes the many stages of my life. Whenever my life has become too complex, chaotic or even traumatic, creating with my hands give me the energy to make sense of my world again. Conchy Gem Dolls is my refuge where I can make genuine handmade art creations and also share them with others.

I am very lucky to have my working world coincide with my creative world in a unique way. As a social worker and children’s counsellor I use creative, expressive play therapy – lots of hand puppets, miniatures and dolls. As a doll maker, I can design and create some of these wonderful symbols. It brings me much joy and accomplishment to be able to use handmade therapy tools to communicate and play with children.

Cloth is definitely my medium of choice for dollmaking. I enjoy sewing, mo`lding and otherwise manipulating cloth of all kinds into soft sculptures. Sometimes I start with an image or message for a doll; other times the doll evolves on its own after a lot of coaxing. Recently I have started using felting techniques with roving and wool and what a wonderfully fun medium to work in. While I also use clays and papier mache, cloth always lures me back.

All my dolls and soft sculptures are handmade one of a kind and by my own hands with lots of help from my beloved sewing machine. Every part of the lengthy doll making process at Conchy Gem Dolls is completed by me with love, care and attention to detail to provide my customers with genuine handmade quality creations.

To balance my work, creative and personal life, I believe strongly in the value of building support networks. Mine is my beautiful family. My husband and six children have given me the strength to achieve my goals. Together we have discovered the endless power of love, survived the tragedy of unbearable loss and the healing force of humour. Each of the dolls I create carries a part of my own story; the joy, pain, mystery, resilience, transformation and recovery of the human spirit.

If you'd like to learn a little more about me – please come over and visit my blog or Pinterest page.

Thanks so much for popping in and please visit again soon…