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About Glowing Designs

Gift giver to business woman.

I have always been a crafty person, diving into different projects to see what I can create, from sewing to wood working and final candle making. I started making candles as Christmas gifts for family and friends and found I really enjoyed the process, I actually find it kind of therapeutic prepping everything I need and pouring the wax into the containers.

I never really liked just plain white candles as I always associate different fragrances with colours so it was a natural process for me to make coloured soy wax candles instead of the typical white variety. I love to see each creation come to life with the different colour I choose to match each fragrance.

After making candles as gifts for friends, I started getting asked to make more candles for friends to give as gifts and slowly my business has grown from there. I started selling candles at my local farmers markets and decided to try and expand my business.