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About Off Centre Pottery

My passion is for wheel thrown forms, the bigger the better. happiest at my wheel, challenging each pot to better than the last. I enjoy swapping between the various genres clay offers and most days you will find me covered in clay, “mud puddling” and loving it!
My pieces, while eclectic and unique, are designed for function and I want my customers to use my pots as often as they can. Pottery is organic, raw and tactile they are made to be used .
A career in Large Animal Husbandry ended abruptly when I suffered an accident while working with horses so for the past 24 years myself and family and many dogs together with her three Kilns “Calamity, “Thelma” and “Louise” have occupied the Old Blacksmith’s at Giles Corner. I enjoy the fact that I have brought fire back to the Forge