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About Thought Gallery

Instagram: @the_thought_gallery_australia
Facebook: facebook.com/thethoughtgalleryaustralia


I'm the artist and designer behind the body of work on offer at the Thought Gallery.

​Creativity and philosophy have always been an integral part of who I am. As a young child I would make, bake and create whenever I could. As a teenager I illustrated and wrote poetry.

​It was only natural that as a young adult I embarked on a University Degree in Design from the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. I graduated with an Honours Degree in 2002.

​For the next 8 years I took on a number of creative roles including freelance graphic design and owner and designer of a boutique stationery business. Some of my clients over those years included Boeing, Insurance Australia Group and many local artists and businesses.

​In 2009 our first 'little man' arrived and I made a life-altering decision to stay at home with my children during their formative years. My husband and I made a sea change from Sydney to the beautiful Central Coast and whilst some days have been challenging, it has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

​10 years and four children later, I was ready to delve back into the creative world, and spending a decade raising 'little humans' had altered and crystallized my focus. In 2018 the Thought Gallery was born.

​The Thought Gallery is a business dedicated to producing work that empowers, challenges and inspires. I am passionate about the healthy well being of humans, particularly the youngest beings in our society. With my combined interest and experience in typography, illustration and graphics, I aim to deliver art that provokes thought and holds meaning.

​I hope you enjoy viewing my online gallery and can find a piece that resonates with you or a special loved one in your life.

​Belinda xxx