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About Megan’s Textiles

I love to explore creativity through a range of textile arts from felting to sewing to surface design. Here you will find a range of items that are unique from scarves to wall art and more!

I have been dabbling with sewing from a very young age as my grandmother helped me sew clothes for my dolls. At university I majored in Weaving and Textile Arts. Here I was introduced to weaving, dyeing and felting. In my early 20’s I created masks and other dress ups for local preschools. My work life took over and there wasn’t much time to explore textiles in the way I wanted to. After finishing full time work a short while back I have been able to spend more time doing what I really love.

I can’t decide which is my favorite thing to do: weave, colour, felt or sew - I love it all.

Some of my work has been influenced by my love of stories., while other pieces have come about from really tuning in to the colours and textures that bring me joy on the day. I hope that you will find something you love here as much as I have loved creating it!