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About Kreative B

I am a chef, mum and crafter at heart that loves all creative things in general. I express myself through my products. I love to create beaded Jewellery is it is fun and is a great way to express beauty when creating a nice piece to wear. With my "Kreative B " and my "Kandlelicious candle and melts"products I am hoping to build up an small business for myself combining a hobby with a bit of inspiring creative honest ideas, and make them come to life for you and others to enjoy.
I will be including new things to my store from time to time, so do come as often as you like and check it out.

All my "Kreative B" jewellery creations are designed as fashion accessories and even though they come in silver, gold or other colours are not suitable for shower or swimming.
If you like to preserve their fine condition they should be removed before these activities.


A little information about
"Kandlelicious candles and melts"
These products are all made using pure Soy natural wax, which has many advantages over traditional paraffin and bee waxes. Soy wax is better for our health and environment , soy candles retains their scent for the life of the candle and produce minimum wax residue and wastage. They come in a range of fragances for every taste and occasion.

I welcome you to visit my store, feel free to check it out any time you like .
Always Happy to have you and your feedback is always appreciated.
Happy Shopping!!