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About Gully Boards

Gully Boards is the brainchild of Mark Smith - a lifelong rider of boards, from skate and surf to snow and wake. ​

The idea for Gully Boards started in 2015 with the chance sighting of a solid timber skateboard in a design magazine. That board sparked two thoughts - Wow, that's beautiful and, I could have a crack at that!

What began as a weekend side project with a lot of prototypes, numerous failures and more interruptions and distractions than most start-ups would face in a lifetime, Gully Boards was finally born in late 2017.

With a clear vision of creating handcrafted rideable art, from recycled and reclaimed timbers our mission is to turn used and pre-loved timber into functional pieces of art.

While we are just starting out, we have been on our journey for some time and are truly committed to producing amazing pieces of art. We look forward to sharing these pieces with you.

To keep up-to-date, please join our mailing list info@gullyboards.com.au or follow us on Facebook & Instagram @gullyboards.