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About Treasures by Saffron

My name is Saffron, I live in the stunning Blue Mountains with my family.
I am currently juggling my weekday profession with my jewellery business but it is my jewellery that sparks my imagination.
My jewellery making is a passion that I love dearly. I enjoy creating , making and sharing my creations with others who appreciate handmade pieces that have been made with love, care and time.
I enjoy the process of making items of beauty that allow the wearer to adorn not only the expression of the artisan that made it but also their own expression of style.

please follow me on
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/treasures_by_saffron/?hl=en
face book https://www.facebook.com/treasuresbysaffron/?hc_ref=ARQv96CF-FdVf80cQ73XU7ipAdHAkitMEhmi5z_waOHEok9AdnzrtedsfIbUtDbtv5w&fref=nf