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About Malano

Malano was founded in 2016; we are still working on launching officially. We have spent many years trialing and testing our products, so we can present a variety of items to suit your needs. We began our journey out of pure frustration and tired of buying off-the-shelf products which were loaded with chemicals and not giving us what we wanted in terms of satisfaction.
Our range includes:
Aroma Reed Diffusers.
Essential Oils & Blends for therapeutic benefit.
Skincare- Antiaging, distressed skin, all skin types and using organic ingredients where possible. We make cleansers, toners, moisturisers, serums and elixirs, eye gels, soothing creams for melanoma scars, scars, radiation therapy., psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and nappy rash creams called, "Ultrasoothe."
Body Products - Hand/ Body Wash & Organic Hand Sanitisers.
Essential Oils - Listed in each photo and blends to assist with meditation and congestion.
Jewellery - Aroma therapy bracelets and other gems/ crystal bracelets which will be made and released.

You name it; we make it :-)

We are excited about our products and can be contacted at malanoaustralia@gmail.com for details on a personalised consultation, by phone or Skype which happens to be no charge.

Maryka & Masey Malano