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About Gingerbread Corner

We started our online business officially on the 1st of December 2010 after a friend wanted gingerbread cookies for her wedding bonbonnieres and we decided to take up the challenge and make it for her.

To understand why this evolved into a business we have to give you a bit of back story. We are two sisters (Janet & Michelle) who were lead to believe that the only way to make a living and avoid “homelessness” was to do well in school, get a degree and find a SAFE white collar corporate job and that is exactly what we did. But as we worked our 9-5 jobs we weren’t fulfilled, we changed jobs when they became mundane only to discover 6-12 months later this feeling of boredom and this lurking feeling that life should be more than just living to work and “zombing” through life.

So while we worked we experimented with running a small side business/hobby. Since we were kids drawing was always a fun hobby but we didn’t know how useful it would be in life, it certainly did not have much of a place in the corporate world but that skill works really well for creating cookie designs. Take that skill, a steady hand and match it with our desire to run our own business and Gingerbread Corner was born.

We decided to take a chance and share this with the rest of world and the reactions have been positive and great. Although there are some little bumps in the road (as we’re sure all business experience) we have no regrets and we are happy for all the people who have supported us, given us positive feedback and continue ordering from us because without the support, Gingerbread Corner would not exist and definitely would not have continued for all these years.

So thank you for stopping by and visiting our store and supporting us through your orders and positive feedback, we hope you have enjoyed reading our story and most importantly our cookies.


Janet & Michelle